General Philosophy

Integration instead of Confrontation

In our practice we treat you with methods of academic medicine according to current scientific guidelines. The focus is on the personal care of the people who entrust themselves to us, based on the medical consultation as well as the physical examination. In addition, all necessary technical diagnostic and therapeutic options are provided.

In order to achieve more for our patients, we offer complementary medical therapies in special consultation hours. We are especially convinced of the benefits out of modern osteopathy and traditional chinese medicine.

The primary goal of our actions is to offer the highest possible therapeutic safety. Therefore, wherever possible, individual resources and self-healing powers are activated and the autonomy of the patient is thus preserved.

Some of our diagnostic methods:

  • EKG
  • Various Laboratory Tests
  • Ergometry
  • Lactate Performance Diagnostics
  • Functional Lung Test
  • Ultrasonics
  • Heart Rate Variance Analysis
  • Long Term Blood Pressure Measurement

For furhter informations about our medical practice including medical services, diagnostic methods and therapies, please contact us.

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