Important Information about the Corona Virus

What is vaccinated?

– Patients under 30 years: Biontec

– Patients over 30 years: Moderna

Who should get the vaccination?

– Everyone over 12 years.

Who should get a booster vaccination?

Currently, the booster vaccination is suggested by the STIKO for everyone above 18 years.

How do I arrange an appointment at the medical practice Dr. Grüß?

– Appointments can only be booked online. You can find the link here .

– Please bring the form completely filled to your appointment. You can download it here . Exception: If you have previously received the vaccination of Biontec/Pfizer in our medical practice.

Where do I get further information?

– On the webpage of the STIKO .

Ensure adequate hygiene. Hands should be washed regularly for at least 20 seconds and dried well afterwards. Too warm water and frequent use of soap can dry out the skin, which should be avoided at all costs. So: water not too warm, do not use soap when the skin is dry, dry off well, at best with a hairdryer and re-grease.

Mucous membranes are natural protective barriers that are damaged by dry room air, coffee, black tea and nicotine. Our tip for dry mucous membranes:
1) The Korean drinking cure: In the original, approx. 1.3l of tap water is placed on the bedside table and drunk in one go immediately after waking up. Beginners take at least 500ml and increase, until finally 1.3l are managed within 10 minutes. Use over 3 weeks.
2) Better than ventilating the laundry in the rooms are mechanical humidifiers.

In the practice rooms we use a “Venta Luftwäscher” ( )

Effective microorganisms are true all-rounders. In liquid form, when used with an atomizer, they can take on a placeholder function in the throat – the docking and multiplication site of corona viruses in the human body – and suppress the colonization of pathogens.

Take care of your microbiom through healthy nutrition: dietary fibres, especially apple pectin.

The most important thing: Stop smoking. Nicotine, unlike coronavirus, is a mass murderer.

At the beginning there is the diagnosis: In addition to the medical history and examination, laboratory values provide information about the strength of your immune system. Further measures should be taken, especially if the lymphocytes are reduced.

Whooping cough, flu and pneumococcus are diseases that can be avoided by vaccination. We are happy to advise you.

It has been proven that altitude training stimulates the immune system, vitalizes and strengthens the lungs. We offer a special IHTT Therapy.

Infusions by natural means can increase the defence cells and strengthen the mucous membranes in several ways. In addition, there are antiviral agents that are effective in case of illness.

In case of illness we prescribe Chinese medicinal herbs. These highly effective remedies unfold their effect best at the beginning of an illness. The effect is intensified by appropriate acupuncture.

Each treatment is individual and is only carried out on the doctor’s orders after the appropriate diagnosis has been made.

For the naturopathic diagnostics and therapy you will receive a private invoice according to the scale of fees for doctors. Laboratory tests and vaccinations can also be partially reimbursed by the public health care.

In times of the corona crisis, record prices are paid for disinfectants. The news that disinfectants are stolen from hospitals, probably the only place where they are urgently needed, is also shocking.

Viruses can occur in different forms. They are transmitted only as so-called virions. In the case of the corona virus, the virion has a lipid envelope which can be easily dissolved with soap and water. Disinfectants offer no advantage here. Then why are they so important in hospitals? Not all virions have a lipid envelope and can only be fought with certain disinfectants. These include the highly infectious Norovirus, which is responsible for diarrhoea, as well as the causative agent of liver inflammation.

Wash hands regularly under running water for at least 20 seconds. The British health service NHS advises to sing “Happy Birthday” twice (!). Dry the skin thoroughly after washing, at best with a hairdryer or disposable towels. Skin cracks are excellent reservoirs for microorganisms. If you have a tendency to dry skin, you may have to make a compromise and should use less soap and colder water and replenish the skin’s oiliness.

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