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Bladder infection and chronic cystitis

Bladder infections are the most common advice occasions in our medical practice. Due to the shorter urethra it occurs in female bodies much more often than in male bodies. The symptoms are usually burning during urination, frequent urination, sometimes pelvic pain or even blood in the urine.
For mild symptoms Angocin Anti Infekt, consisting of nasturtium and horseradish or Cystinol acute (bearberry leaf extract) has a sufficiently antibiotic effect when the pills are taken at an early stage.

Stronger symptoms, radiating to your back, or even fever should necessarily cause an immediate visit to the doctor. Then, inter alia, the germ is determined in the laboratory and treated with an appropriate antibiotic.

To protect the intestinal flora I recommend concomitantly, one hour after taking antibiotics to eat yogurt and feed physiological germs after treatment, eg Mutaflor and Paidoflor, one tablet daily for 10 days.

Chinese herbs and acupuncture have a soothing effect, but cannot replace antibiotics.

Since about every 5th woman gets another infection within 4 weeks, you should pay special attention to your health in the following weeks: revision and cold feet or back / buttocks must be avoided.

It is more difficult to treat recurring cystitis. First, you should be tested for other diseases, in particular, I recommend a glucose stress test, in which the elimination of sugar is examined in urine, even if otherwise there are no symptoms for a "sugar disease". Some germs can be revealed only by special investigations, for example, Trichomoniasis or -more often- chlamydia. Then the partners should be examined with.

"Vaccination" with Uro Vaxon or Strovac can act preventively , depending on which germs cause the infections. Daily a handful of cranberries can cover the inside of the bladder with a layer of mucus, alternatively, you can take it concentrated as pills, for example, Preiselsan.

For women in later life, a hormone deficiency can promote urinary tract infection. Let your gynecologist advise you whether a local hormone treatment is useful.

Physical remedies can improve the environment of the mucosa: Tannolact bath additive for ten minute sitz baths daily for one week. If that is not possible, use Tannolact fatty cream. This is followed by the use of lactic acid bacteria as Vagisan vaginal capsules.

In the context of chinese medicine, chronic bladder infections almost always lead to the diagnosis "cold has penetrated into the bladder", a local reduction in the fine blood circulation. There are many causes that require an individual diagnosis. From experience recurrent bladder infections can be significantly more successfully treated by a combination of all treatment options and the combination prevents chronic irritable bladder and incontinence.