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Dr. Grüß

Dr. Grüß has been inspired by Traditional Chinese medicine since his youth, when he himself was patient of an acupuncture doctor. The impressive personality of the then already over 80 years old therapist and the amazingly rapid healing success have fascinated him and were reason enough for him to take a closer look at the Chinese Medicine.

During the following medical studies in Hamburg, Heidelberg and Beijing, he worked intensively on this issue and initiated a working group for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the University of Heidelberg. His teachers were primarily Prof. Johannes Greten and Dr. Julia Kleinhenz. Dr. Grüß could gain first practical experiences in the homeland of this medicine as a student. His parents-in-law, Prof. Xiang and Dr. Sun - formerly acupuncture doctor - mediated contact with renowned physicians in their home and helped patiently when complicated issues could not be understood by direct translating.

At that time it was realized for the first time that Traditional Chinese medicine as it was practiced in China, can not be transferred to our culture.
"The medicine needs to be interpreted with the current understanding of physiology and integrated into a western understandable edifice. The cultural divergence also needs to be taken into account.
"While the West has recognized that the concerns of the patient have to be seen from the biological, emotional and social point of view, it seemed that the practical conversion did not succeed. How should the findings of the various medical specialties be merged together? The ease and naturalness with which the Chinese doctors merge these components is intriguing", Dr. Grüß said.

The following specialty training in general medicine included the subjects internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics and neurology. In the ensuing days as an assistant in practice for acupuncture and naturopathy Dr. Hecker and Co., Dr. Grüß was the first time under the guidance of its experienced teachers to apply the knowledge gained to European patients and could deepen his knowledge daily. While his predecessor still predominantly met with resistance elements from the medical establishment, the period of grave fighting is over. "The majority of patients would like to not have to choose between conventional medicine and naturopathy, but wants an integrative medicine ", Dr. Grüß explains. "Each system of medicine has its limits, as well as the Chinese. Why limit yourself to one? "

With all the enthusiasm Dr. Grüß strives to objective distance. "Unfortunately , there are still very few well-done studies on the efficiency of TCM. To achieve the greatest possible success of treatment as well as to ensure treatment safety, research is needed," said the expert. For this purpose, he accepted with enthusiasm the request of Dr. Sven Schröder, Medical Director at HanseMerkur Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf, to work at his institute, together with specialists of various disciplines.

Because of private reasons, Dr. Grüß moved to Bonn a few years ago, where he established the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His greatest wish is to give patients the same adjuvant therapy which he used to receive.