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Vitamin B12 Deficiency

A lack of vitamin B12 develops very slowly, at a complete stop of supply usually only after two to three years because the biological half-time of vitamin B12 is 450-750 days. The vitamin is continuously segregated with bile acids into the intestine and reabsorbed at its end (the ilium) with the help of an element from the stomach. A deficiency can be caused by insufficient intake of nutrition (very rare, only people who live strictly vegan, with no intake of dairy or eggs) or by insufficient absorption by the body. In the case of disorders such as gastrointestinal inflammation, medication administration of gastric acid inhibiting drugs or intestinal inflammation, the body is unable to absorbe the vitamin. Thereby the storage in the body is emptied very quickly.

Symtoms of deficiency When a lack of vitamin B12 is present, it can lead to blood deficiency (pernicious anemia) and damage to the spinal cord to even paralysis (funicular myelosis). The first signs of vitamin B12 deficiency for adults may be tingling and feeling of coldness in hands and feet, fatigue and weakness, difficulties with concentration and even psychosis. Typically, they appear with a smooth, uncovered red and inflamed tongue (glossitis Hunter). Signs of nerve damage (neuropathy) can occur.

Detection of vitamin B12 deficiency: The measurement of the vitamin B12 level in the blood is subject to strong fluctuations. In general, it is better to measure the functional protein holo-Trans-cobalamin (holo-TC). The test costs € 32.18.

Treatment In the case of Vitamin B12 deficiency, the therapy should not be administered with tablets, but rather by intramuscular injection, as the absorption in the intestine is disordered . First, the storage is filled with at least 8 injections (2 x weekly). In the case of nerve damage, even more infections are necessary. Later, monthly or quarterly injections are often sufficient. This treatment should be continued for life in most cases. A Medivitan syringe costs € 10.70 (€ 5.34 medication, injection € 5.36). In general, intramuscular injections of vitamin B12 + folic acid (Medivitan) are well tolerated and lead to a rapid improvement. As with all injections, there is a low risk for infections (syringe abscess) which we reduce by extremely hygienic working. In rare cases, the infection may lead to fainting or allergic reactions. In the case of an ongoing treatment with Marcumar or if an allergy to local anesthetics (Carbostesin, Bubivacain) is given, the injection can be administered intravenously.